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ROSSINO Pinot Grigio delle Venezie D.O.C (Veneto) 750ML ALC 12% BY VOL

Pinot Grigio grape. Straw yellow color, it has vaguely greenish reflections. The scent is delicate, pleasing but rather intense and sharp, with hints of acacia flowers. Dry, structured and a substantially harmonious flavor. Pairs well with fish, seafood, chicken and other light dishes. Serve fresh at 50-53°F.


ROSSINO Sauvignon Blanc delle Venezie I.G.T (Veneto) 750ML ALC 12% BY VOL

It has greenish shades, and a fresh taste with hints of pepper, asparagus, sage and wild mint. The wine recalls peach and apricot flavors, is persistent, and rich in minerals, made from Sauvignon Blanc grape. Pairs well with fish, chicken and other dishes rich in vegetables, risotto and pasta with seafood and lemon. Serve fresh at 50-53°F.


ROSSINO Chardonnay Trebbiano Rubicone I.G.T (Reggio Emilia) 750ML ALC 12% BY VOL

Fresh on the palate. Tropical and balanced flavor. Aromas of stone fruit, fruit and nectarine with a citrus backbone. Well-balanced acidity. Pairs well with seafood, white meat, and light dishes. Serve fresh at 50-53°F.


ROSSINO Soave D.O.C (Veneto) 750ML ALC 12.5% BY VOL

Delicate, yet enveloping wine. Floral notes on the nose, mouthwatering lemony crispness, mineral backing with hints of chamomile and fennel and a crystal-clear finish. Pairs well with rich Italian seafood, white meat, pasta, and vegetables. Serve fresh at 50-53°F.


ROSSINO Vermentino Terre Siciliane I.G.T (Sicilia) 750ML ALC 13% BY VOL

Deliciously fragrant, it is rich and long-lasting wine. Gorgeous scent of jasmine with bursts of peach, quince and citrus, and a mineral finish. Pairs well with seafood, pasta, or simply by its own in the sun. Serve fresh at 50-53°F.


ROSSINO Falanghina Benevento I.G.P (Campania) 750ML ALC 13% BY VOL

Ample and generous impact; well-balanced hints of citrus, pineapple, white peach. Fresh and satisfying; excellent balance between acid and salty flavors. Full and dry finish. Pairs well with light dishes, white fishes and vegetables. Serve fresh at 50-53°F.


ROSSINO Moscato Provincia di Pavia (Lombardia) 750ML ALC 7.5% BY VOL

Effervescent with a floral burst. Fragrant with aromas of fruit and honey. Balanced between sweetness and richness. Perfect as an aperitif, and with fruit and cheese desserts. Served chilled at 46-52°F.

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